Chapter 3.  The public interface to Linux-PAM

Table of Contents

3.1. What can be expected by the application
3.1.1. Initialization of PAM transaction
3.1.2. Termination of PAM transaction
3.1.3. Setting PAM items
3.1.4. Getting PAM items
3.1.5. Strings describing PAM error codes
3.1.6. Request a delay on failure
3.1.7. Authenticating the user
3.1.8. Setting user credentials
3.1.9. Account validation management
3.1.10. Updating authentication tokens
3.1.11. Start PAM session management
3.1.12. terminating PAM session management
3.1.13. Set or change PAM environment variable
3.1.14. Get a PAM environment variable
3.1.15. Getting the PAM environment
3.2. What is expected of an application
3.2.1. The conversation function
3.3. Programming notes

Firstly, the relevant include file for the Linux-PAM library is <security/pam_appl.h>. It contains the definitions for a number of functions. After listing these functions, we collect some guiding remarks for programmers.